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Hydro Excavation

2015 Kenworth Tri-Drive with Westech 822 vaccum and 1.2 millon BTU Burner



Hydro Excavation is a safe, non-invasive means of exposing the underground infrastructure using a combination of vacuum and water. Hydrovacing can be up to five times faster and therefore most cost effective than conventional excavation equipment or manual labor, providing an efficient alternative to conventional methods. Precise holes, trenches and other openings can be quickly excavated to their specified dimensions.

Our Hydro-Vac unit has a 1.2 million BTU boiler that runs a high pressure wash system and are equipped with a dual compartment tank, one for water and one for waste. Each unit is outfitted with an overhead boom that ranges in size from a 6" to 8" hose diameter and are certified as lifting devices.

Our operators use grounding mats for Hydro-Vac excavation on live electrical lines. Employees have all been properly trained on the safe work procedures for working with grounding mats and have thorough JHA training for all applications.

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